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We understand not one organisation is the same, therefore, we listen to our clients and put in place services which complement our client’s goals and operational requirements. Our unmatched flexibility is our greatest attribute.  Above all, our services grow the more we get to know your company, ultimately reducing your costs.

We can provide you with yearly reviews to help you keep on top of things. If we can continue to make the lives of our clients easier, then we will. Our products and services are always being reviewed and developed with you in mind.

Your suggestions make us better.

Our story

About us

With a combined 45 years experience in the fire risk, maintenance, and electrical industries, MD Bros has established itself as a dependable service provider. We are experts in the installation and maintenance of life safety systems. Utilising the latest technology and forward thinking we have strived to stay ahead of the competition. This allows us to offer you the best possible service to meet your unique requirements.

Having spent over 30 years fighting fires and studying their spread, we’ve gained first hand of the disastrous effects poorly maintained systems can have. Lives and livelihoods of real people are ruined daily to a momentary flippant act. 

We decided we wanted to play an active role in the compliance industry. Combining our specific skill set with the the electrical installation industry was a necessary step to enable us to advance our mission. 15 years of studying and working in the electrical industry allows us to confidently identify our clients compliance requirements. Then we implement and maintain systems of personal safety to the highest standards.

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